Little Green Pockets:  
It’s such a delight to happen upon a small, lush oasis in the middle of a bustling conglomerate of concrete buildings and surging human bodies. A place where ‘solitude’ and tranquility reigns, and the world passes you by on its interminable course of growth and destruction.
To find a spot like this and to take time out from the hustle of everyday demands is positive therapy for the mind, body and soul. After pausing for just a few minutes, it’s possible to feel rejuvenated and refreshed – the tasks of the day ahead seeming far less substantial (well, apart from paying the bills…).
And then you move on with renewed spirit … to take the kids to their sports practice, music and dance lessons, help with homework commitments, prepare dinner and tidy the house before your partner arrives after their long soul destroying day at the “front”, whilst planning ahead for tomorrow’s timetable. All this, after you, too, have undertaken your own routine in the daily workforce…
These little havens are worth their weight in gold!

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