Frozen Lac de Joux, Le Pont :     

This post encompasses a “first” for me – walking on a frozen lake.

I was amazingly brave for the first two-thirds of the journey.  However, when I relaxed sufficiently to notice the route had become well trodden and the surface quite slushy, my steps lengthened and I was elated to reach the other side … Regardless, I am delighted to be able to cross that off my ‘bucket list’.

Le Pont is at an altitude of just over 1,000 metres in Canton Vaud and in the Lac de Joux area.  A great area for outdoor sports in both winter and summer.  My favourite activity there has to be hiking to find the Chamois as they search out the lush greenery peeking through the ground after the winter snow has started to thaw.

This shot was taken just before sunrise.  I was so lucky with the colours, which changed rapidly as the sun pursued its course into the daylight hours.

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